Fried chicken legs are a popular dish known for their deliciously crispy exterior and tender, juicy meat inside. They are typically prepared by coating chicken legs in a seasoned batter or breading mixture, which can include ingredients like flour, breadcrumbs, and various spices and herbs.

The chicken legs are then deep-fried in oil at a specific temperature until they achieve a golden-brown color. The oil’s high heat cooks the chicken quickly, sealing in the juices and ensuring the meat is moist and tender inside, while the outside becomes delightfully crispy.

However, you should know how long to fry chicken legs and what is the proper oil temperature to ensure that the chicken is fully cooked.

How Long to Fry Chicken Legs?

Frying chicken legs to perfection involves a careful balance of time and cooking temperature (Oil temp for frying chicken). The cooking time can vary slightly depending on the size and thickness of the chicken legs, as well as the temperature of the oil.

You can refer to the chart below to determine the appropriate frying time and temperature for different chicken meats.

Chicken PartOil temperatureCooking Time
Chicken Thigh350 ℉20 minutes
Chicken Wings375 ℉8-10 minutes
Chicken Strips350 ℉3-5 minutes
Chicken Drumstick (legs)375 ℉12-15 minutes

To accurately check the oil temperature for frying, using an instant-read thermometer with a broad temperature spectrum is highly recommended. The Typhur InstaProbe is an excellent choice in this regard. Its standout feature is its rapid reading speed of less than 0.5 seconds, which is crucial for avoiding injuries from the high heat of the oil. Furthermore, the Typhur InstaProbe boasts an impressive temperature range of -58 to 572 °F (-49.9 to 299.9°C), making it versatile for a wide array of cooking applications beyond just frying.

Oil temp for frying chicken

How to Tell if the Fried Chicken Legs are Properly Cooked?

Ensuring your chicken legs are properly cooked is paramount for both taste and health. The exterior should boast a rich golden-brown hue, a telltale sign of a well-executed fry. But the true test lies within. The safest way to check is by using a meat thermometer – the internal temperature should read 165°F (74°C). Alternatively, slice into the thickest part; the juices should run clear, and the meat should be uniformly white, with no pink hues lurking.

Why is My Fried Chicken Not Crispy?

If your fried chicken isn’t turning out crispy, one of the most crucial factors is the temperature of the oil. If it’s too low, the chicken will absorb too much oil and turn soggy. The oil should be maintained at a steady 350°F to 375°F (175°C to 190°C) for optimal crispiness.

Best Air Fried Chicken Legs | More Healthy

Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks

Embracing modern culinary technology, the Typhur Dome Air Fryer offers a healthier alternative to traditional frying while still delivering flavor and texture. To achieve the best air-fried chicken legs, preheat your Typhur Dome to 355°F/ 180°C. Arrange the chicken legs in a single layer, ensuring ample space for air circulation. Air fry for about 15 minutes, turning halfway through. The result? Chicken legs that are a marvel of crispiness on the outside and succulently tender on the inside, all with significantly less oil.

Air Fried Chicken Drumsticks (Legs)

Chicken drumsticks cooked in a flavor-packed yogurt marinade are the perfect weeknight dinner. Combine with basmati rice and your favorite steamed vegetables.
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Main Course
Servings 4 people
Calories 25 kcal



  • 1/2 cup Plain Yogurt
  • 2 each Garlic Clove finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp Ginger finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp Kashmiri Chili Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Ground Turmeric
  • 2 tsp Dried Fenugreek
  • 1 tsp Garam Marsala
  • 1 1/2 tsp Kosher Salt
  • 1 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 8 each Chicken Drumsticks
  • as needed Vegetable Oil Spray


  • Combine the marinade ingredients except for the lemon juice in a large mixing bowl. Mix until well combined.
    1/2 cup Plain Yogurt, 2 each Garlic Clove, 1 tbsp Ginger, 1 tbsp Kashmiri Chili Powder, 1/2 tsp Ground Turmeric, 2 tsp Dried Fenugreek, 1 tsp Garam Marsala, 1 1/2 tsp Kosher Salt, 1 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • Thoroughly coat each drumstick in the marinade. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator. Allow the chicken to marinate for at least 30 minutes and up to 12 hours.
    8 each Chicken Drumsticks
  • Preheat the Typhur Dome to 355°F/ 180°C. (Around 5 minutes)
  • Lightly spray the cooking tray with non-stick spray before placing the chicken in the cooking tray and returning it to the Typhur Dome.
  • Allow the chicken to cook for the given time. Once the cooking time has been completed, use an instant-read thermometer to check the internal temperature of the chicken. It should register at 165°F. If needed continue cooking the chicken in 2-minute intervals.Temperature: 355 °F Time: 15 minutes
  • Carefully remove the chicken from a serving plate or tray.
  • We like to enjoy these flavor-packed drumsticks with steamed basmati rice and our roasted cauliflower recipe.


Calories: 25kcalCarbohydrates: 2gProtein: 3gFat: 0.4gSaturated Fat: 0.1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.1gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.1gTrans Fat: 0.003gCholesterol: 3mgSodium: 884mgPotassium: 59mgFiber: 0.2gSugar: 1gVitamin A: 2IUVitamin C: 2mgCalcium: 30mgIron: 0.2mg

(Nutrition information is calculated automatically by Spoonacular API and should be considered an estimate.)

In conclusion, frying chicken legs is a culinary adventure that rewards the attentive cook with a dish that’s both soul-satisfying and finger-licking good. Whether you choose the traditional frying method or opt for the modern air fryer technique, the key lies in understanding the nuances of cooking time, oil temperature, and technique. Happy frying!