Typhur Dome air fryer self cleaning

The top area of air fryers has always been a challenging spot to clean. Heating elements and fans make it difficult to access and remove stubborn oil grease build-up. This accumulation over time not only affects the appliance’s performance but also poses potential health hazards.

The Impact of Oil Grease Build-up on Health

Oil grease build-up in the top area of air fryers not only poses health concerns but can also lead to unpleasant odors.

The mechanism behind generating these odors lies in the oxidation process of the residual oil. As the oil is heated and exposed to oxygen, it can become rancid, resulting in the release of volatile compounds that contribute to unpleasant odors [1]. These odorous substances can permeate the air inside the appliance and affect the flavor and aroma of the food being prepared. Prolonged exposure to foul odors can lead to annoyance, discomfort, and potential respiratory issues, particularly for individuals who are more sensitive or have existing respiratory conditions.

Moreover, when oxidized oil droplets contaminate food, they can introduce potentially harmful substances including but not limited to:

Typhur Dome’s Self-Cleaning Mode

Typhur Dome’s Self-Cleaning technology is a cutting-edge innovation that utilizes a porous coating that excels at absorbing oil residues and efficiently decomposing them into carbon dioxide and water.

How does this coating material work?

Our engineers performed extensive laboratory experiments to find the optimal material for exceptional cleaning results. After comparing over 10 different catalytic materials, we finally selected the most outstanding one to be applied in the Typhur Dome Air Fryer. Our laboratory’s picture demonstrates that the material we have chosen efficiently removes oil residue and effectively inhibits oxidation.

Self-cleaning coating (before heating)

Self-cleaning coating (after heating)

How to use Typhur Dome’s Self-cleaning mode?

The self-cleaning function is recommended to operate after several cooks to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Let’s see the difference between Typhur Dome and another brand lacking a self-cleaning function. As evident, another product accumulates a substantial amount of oil on the top, while our Typhur Dome, with its self-cleaning capability, almost no oil residue can be seen within the cavity. This comparison underscores the Typhur Dome air fryer’s powerful and excellent cleaning ability, which sets it apart as a superior choice.

Other air fryer brands top area

Typhur Dome air fryer top area

The Typhur Dome air fryer with self-cleaning modes addresses the common health and hygiene concerns associated with oil grease build-up in other air fryers. This technology significantly reduces the risk of potential health hazards caused by the oxidation of residual oils.

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