Toast is a classic part of American breakfasts, but making the perfect toast isn’t easy. It involves several key factors:

By understanding these scientific factors, we can create the perfect toast.

Different Ways to Toast: Which one do you prefer?

There are many ways to toast bread, and now let’s discuss three popular methods: the traditional toaster, the versatile oven, and the trendy air fryer. Each method has its own unique way of toasting, so let’s analyze them one by one.


The toaster is an essential in American kitchens, offering a quick and convenient option. It toasts bread using electric heating elements.


Pros: The toaster’s advantage lies in its ability to provide even heat distribution, resulting in uniformly golden and pleasingly crispy toast. Plus, it’s super easy to use – just pop the bread in, adjust the settings, and in a few minutes, you’ll have perfect toast.

Cons: However, due to the toaster’s size limitations, it might not accommodate larger slices of bread and may not be suitable for toasting multiple slices at once.

Multifunctional Oven

Multifunctional Oven

The multifunctional oven expands your toasting options. Preheat it to about 375°F/190°C, place bread slices on a baking tray, and watch as they transform.

The oven excels at fitting larger bread slices and toasting multiple pieces simultaneously. It offers a more controlled toasting environment, allowing customization to personal preference. Keep a close eye on your bread, as the oven toasts slower than other methods and requires more time to preheat.

You can also use your oven’s Broil function if it has one. Place the tray on the top rack and broil the bread, potentially taking less than 3 minutes (flip after 1 minute and then another 30 seconds, though times may vary with different ovens). This method produces crispy toast quickly, though it still requires a substantial preheating time.

Air Fryers

The air fryer, a modern kitchen gadget, cooks food, including toast, using hot air circulation. Its advantage lies in its speed and energy efficiency. The rapid circulation of hot air generated by its high-speed fan and heating elements quickly crisps bread slices. However, traditional air fryers have small baskets, limiting the size and quantity of bread slices.

typhur dome large air fryer

Addressing this limitation, the Typhur Dome air fryer takes inspiration from pizza ovens. Its flat, curved interior, combined with fluid dynamics analysis and validated through structural modeling and fluid simulations, ensures even cooking. With an upgrade to 200% larger capacity, it leads to cooking speed (#1 in cooking speed).

The typhur dome can make a perfect Cheese Sandwich, a feat beyond the capabilities of a toaster, and offers significantly shorter preheating time compared to ovens, making it an excellent choice.

Find Different Toast Ideas

Get toasty! Find Different Toast Ideas to transform your breakfast routine.

Air Fryer Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

There is nothing quite as delicious as a perfectly made grilled cheese sandwich. Don’t forget the tomato soup.

Air Fryer French Toast

French Toast

You will be thinking of this super decadent breakfast classic all week. We suggest using thick sliced brioche for the ultimate French Toast.

Toast is no longer just a breakfast staple; it’s a canvas for culinary creativity, where each slice is an opportunity to experiment with flavors, textures, and ingredients. Let your imagination run wild and discover the endless possibilities that toast has to offer.