Air fryers operate on the principle of convection as a key mechanism for heat transfer. Within this concept, the fan plays an indispensable role.

The Role of the Fan in Air Fryers

The Role of the Fan in Air Fryers

Air fryers operate on the principle of convection as the mechanism for heat transfer. Using a fan to swiftly circulate hot air ensures rapid, even cooking. Additionally, the fan helps ventilate moisture, thereby creating a crispy texture.

We found that different ingredients benefit from varying fan speeds.

High Fan Speed

Using a high fan speed in your air fryer speeds up the cooking process, and is crucial for crisping the exterior of your food while keeping the interior tender and moist. This results in an enjoyable, crunchy texture characteristic of traditionally fried food without excessive oil.

Typhur Dome High Fan Speed Modes: Air fry, Broil, Fries, Steak.

Medium Fan Speed

In our lab tests, we found that lightweight food may move or be displaced at high fan speed. If you are using a traditional single-speed air fryer, you can’t control the fan speed to cook lightweight food, such as bacon.

Typhur Dome air fryer counteracts this issue with its fan speed control. By using the medium fan speed mode (Bacon mode), you will find that bacon stays firmly in place throughout the cooking process, thanks to its precise control of airflow.

Using a medium fan speed is also a good choice for cooking frozen products. When you use a high fan speed, frozen food can end up burnt on the outside while undercooked on the inside. With a medium fan speed, you get a more balanced cooking process that heats the food evenly.

Typhur Dome Medium Fan Speed Modes: Roast, Toast, Wings, Bacon, Frozen.

Low Fan Speed

Low fan speed is primarily designed for dehydration. The low fan speed presents a controlled and gentle cooking environment that is ideal for drying foods that progressively lighten as they lose water.

Other air fryers often cause foods, such as thinly sliced fruit chips, to be blown around the basket during the drying process. This may result in food residue sticking to the heating element and subsequently burning, creating potential safety issues and influencing the overall taste and quality.

The Typhur Dome air fryer addresses this problem with its adjustable low fan speed (Dehydrate mode). This feature allows for a slow, steady airflow, keeping dehydrating items in place and ensuring even heat distribution.

In our lab tests conducted with various foods, like chips made from fruit and vegetables, this low-speed setting consistently produced high-quality dehydrated foods with excellent texture and flavor.

typhur dome air fryer dehydrate mode

Typhur Dome Multi-Speed Fan Control

The Typhur Dome was programmed with three different fan speeds, tailored to 10 thoughtfully designed cooking functions, as shown below.

Fan SpeedTyphur Dome Preset Cooking MethodsTyphur Dome Preset Cooking Ingredients
High Fan SpeedAir fry, BroilFries, Steak
Medium Fan SpeedRoast, ToastWings, Bacon, Frozen
Low Fan SpeedDehydrate

The Typhur Dome air fryer is the ultimate choice for those seeking innovation and versatility. With its multi-speed fan and expertly designed cooking functions, it covers all your culinary needs – from quick frozen food preparation to delicate dehydration. The Dome offers precise control and consistent high-quality results.