Every instant-read thermometer should be both sensible and convenient to use. Typhur’s product development team has put a lot of research and care into the design of the InstaProbe — which includes IP67 waterproofing and a built-in magnet, checking off the practical and handy boxes.

It’s a challenging design to achieve effectively and as you can see from the chart below, there aren’t many instant-read thermometers on the market that have been able to pull it off. Ahead, we’ll tell you why it was so challenging and how Typhur came up with a solution.

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IP67 Waterproof×
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Do you know why? Let’s explore the secret now!

What is the IP67 waterproof rating?

First of all, it’s helpful to understand what an IP67 rating is, because not all waterproofs can achieve an IP67 rating.

The IP67 waterproof rating is a standard that is used to indicate how well an electronic device stands up to water and particles before anything seeps in. The IP stands for “Ingress Protection,” and the numbers that follow specify the level of protection.

In the case of IP67, the first digit refers to the device’s protection against solid particles. The numbers range from 0, which means the device is not protected from any particles, and 6 which means it’s protected from all particles.

IP6X test was conducted using talcum powder as the test dust; throughout the test, the dust was maintained in suspension to ensure consistent exposure. The test lasted for a total of 8 hours, to allow enough time to evaluate the performance of the Typhur InstaProbe meat thermometer under these conditions. This IP6X test demonstrated that the InstaProbe successfully prevented all dust particles from entering it.

The second digit indicates the device’s water resistance and the Typhur team made sure the InstaProbe underwent a rigorous IPX7 waterproof test. Under controlled conditions, the device was submerged in water 1.0 meter deep for 30 minutes. The InstaProbe was not damaged and it did not malfunction. After the test, it was turned on and off and its temperature reading feature remained fully functional.

What is a built-in magnet?

It’s easy to understand magnetic because of its wide range of applications on electronic devices.

The built-in magnet design of the instant-read thermometer is loved by a lot of chefs. It allows the thermometer to easily attach to stoves, ovens, fridges, or other metal surfaces. Chefs can securely position the thermometer and easily monitor the temperature of their food.

world's first to combine IP67 and built in magnets

The principle behind a built-in magnet is based on the properties of magnets and their ability to create a magnetic field. Magnets have two poles, known as the north pole and the south pole, which generate a magnetic field around them.

Remember the magnetic field here, it helps you understand why it is difficult to combine IP67 waterproof and magnet.

When the built-in magnet comes into proximity with a magnetic surface, such as a metal object, the magnetic field of the magnet interacts with the magnetic properties of the metal. This interaction creates an attractive force that allows the magnet to adhere or stick to the metal surface.

Can IP67 waterproof combine with magnets?

The answer is YES, but there are some potential concerns and technical challenges struggling to move forward.

1. Potential concerns and technical challenges

For user experience purposes, most handheld instant thermometers use the probe’s movement to turn the power on or off, instead of using regular buttons. There are two main types of switches used for this purpose:

From the above principles of mechanical switches and Hall switches, we can see the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Mechanical contact switch1. Relatively simple and cost-effective;
2. Generally durable and reliable;
3. Easy to understand and use.
1. Prone to wear and tear due to physical contact, leading to potential malfunction over time.
2. Limited lifespan compared to non-contact switches.
3. Vulnerable to environmental influences. The contact parts in mechanical switches may be affected by environmental factors such as dust and moisture, resulting in unstable or malfunctioning circuit connections.
Hall effect switch1. The non-contact operation, which eliminates wear and tear issues;
2. Longer lifespan compared to mechanical switches;
3. Less affected by environmental factors such as dust and moisture, and have a high anti-interference capability.
1. Highly influenced by environmental magnetic factors;
2. Generally more complex and expensive compared to mechanical switches.

Misleading IP67 Waterproof Claims

The mechanical switch on instant-read thermometers are at the pivot point of the probe, which is a movable component. This and its susceptibility to dust, moisture, and other environmental factors, makes it challenging to achieve waterproofing, especially at the IP67 rating. As a result, most probes with mechanical switches on the market are only rated as IP65.

The Hall effect switches used by InstaProbe meat thermometer are not as vulnerable to dust and moisture, and the pivot point does not require waterproofing, but there are other challenges to pulling off the built-in magnet and IP67 rating combo.

Technical Challenges

From the principle of operation of Hall effect switches, we know that Hall effect switches are highly influenced by the ambient magnetic field.

As we mentioned before, the built-in magnet design will generate a magnetic field around them to create an attractive force that allows the magnet to adhere or stick to the metal surface. This magnet becomes an external magnetic field interference for the Hall effect switch.

Therefore, when the magnetic attraction is present, ensuring the stable and proper functioning of the Hall effect switch becomes a challenge.

2. Technical considerations and engineering solutions

Typhur’s product development team explored ways to improve the detection of magnetic signals in switching machines while ensuring strong magnetic suction.

With technical considerations, they identified two options:

Option 1: Replace the switching mechanism with a larger magnet to increase suction force and include a magnetic field strength sensor.

Option 2: Replace the switching mechanism with a larger magnet to increase suction force and incorporate a magnetic field direction sensor.

Moreover, it is crucial for them to prevent interference between the magnetic signals of the switching mechanism and the tail magnet.

InstaProbe combines IP67 waterproof and built-in magnets

Through continuous exploration and experimentation, Typhur has finally solved the issue of magnetic signal interference and achieved the combination of magnetic attraction and IP67 waterproofing!

Want to know more about the Typhur engineering solution? This is what the team came up with:

1. Specialized Hall sensor

It is capable of detecting magnetic field polarity changes. The TMR1202/TMR1208 series magnetic switch chips integrate tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) sensors and CMOS circuits. These chips convert the changing magnetic field signals into digital voltage signals, enabling precise position detection.

Specialized Hall sensor

It detects the magnetic field signals of the north pole and south pole. The shaft opening or closing judgment is only made when a magnetic field change occurs. This effectively avoids interference from externally strong magnetic fields.

2. Customized shaft detection magnet

This magnet needs to have both a north pole and a south pole, and its design ensures the desired opening and closing angle of the shaft.


By now, you have gained a clear understanding of what IP67 waterproofing and built-in magnets are, as well as the technical challenges they present. Fortunately, Typhur’s highly skilled research and development team has successfully tackled this problem.

The specialized Hall sensor and custom shaft detection magnet undoubtedly contribute to the cost of InstaProbe (that’s one of the things you’re paying for). However, they enable the thermometer to excel in various usage scenarios, providing convenience for users.

These advancements empower InstaProbe to meet the demands of instant food thermometers across a wide range of applications. Whether you’re grilling outdoors, cooking in a professional kitchen, or working in challenging environments, InstaProbe delivers the convenience and accuracy you need.