sous vide station schedule cooking

Scheduled Cooking and Food Safety

The lengthy cooking time required for sous vide can pose a challenge. The Typhur Sous Vide Station offers a scheduled cooking function ensuring a perfectly cooked meal is ready exactly when you desire.

When developing the scheduled cooking function, our primary concern was that food remained out of the Temperature Danger Zone – between 40°F (4.4°C) and 140°F (60°C) where bacteria can grow rapidly.

We prioritize food safety by keeping the food below 40°F (4.4°C) until the cooking process begins.

Innovative Solutions and Testing Results

Our engineers have devised a double-layered water tank with top-notch insulation. This design enables the use of ice for scheduled cooking.

Recognizing that ice shape significantly influences its melting rate and the resulting temperature rise in the water bath, our team performed thorough testing with different ice shapes to guarantee consistent food safety regardless of the type of ice used.

Our uniquely designed double-layered water tank showcased its capability to keep food well below 40°F for up to 9 hours. This feat was accomplished using a 13 lbs (6 kg) load of ice, even in room temperature conditions of 30°C. With these innovative solutions and promising testing results, we’ve made a breakthrough in ensuring food safety in scheduled cooking sessions.

Smart Temperature Monitoring System

To further enhance precision and reliability in scheduled cooking, we incorporated a smart temperature monitoring system offering real-time data reporting and instant alerts, enabling you to keep a watchful eye on your food’s safety.

  • Flexible Scheduling Capabilities: A standout feature of our smart monitoring system lies in its flexibility. You can adjust your cooking schedule to fit right into your daily routine. We offer support for scheduled cooking durations up to 9 hours.
  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring: This feature offers real-time updates on the ice bath’s temperature. Not only does this allow you to monitor the scheduling process remotely via mobile devices, but it also ensures your food is prepared under optimal conditions. It brings ease and convenience to your cooking experience, all without conceding on safety or quality.

In conclusion, the Typhur sous vide machine brings a revolutionary change in modern cooking with its innovative scheduled cooking feature. We’ve bridged the gap between convenience and food safety with our expertly designed double-layered water tank and advanced temperature monitoring system. This system keeps you informed in real time while giving automated alerts when needed – all to ensure optimal safety and perfection in your meals.

So, why wait? Step up your culinary game with scheduled cooking. Plan your meals, set your schedule, and come home to perfectly cooked food. We believe that your time is precious, your food matters and that quality should never be compromised. Embrace a hassle-free and smart cooking experience with our Sous Vide Station today. It’s not just an appliance, it’s the future of cooking.