Many bartenders look for innovative techniques to enhance flavors and create unique experiences for their customers. Lately, a cooking technique called sous vide has been gaining popularity.

Sous Vide Cocktails

“Sous vide” is a French term meaning “under vacuum” and involves cooking ingredients (mostly vacuum-sealed) in a precise temperature-controlled water bath. While this method is commonly used for meats, vegetables, and desserts, it has also revolutionized cocktail making.

Sous vide allows bartenders to extract flavors from ingredients in a controlled environment. By immersing ingredients in a water bath at a specific temperature, flavors are gently extracted, resulting in a drink that has a more balanced taste.

Sous Vide Cocktails

Unlike traditional cocktail making where ingredients are mixed at the bar, sous vide involves precise control of the temperature at which ingredients are infused into the liquor. Bartenders can selectively extract specific compounds to achieve the desired flavor.

For instance, the aroma and taste of some fruits are volatile compounds, which are more easily extracted at low temperatures. This preserves the delicate aroma and prevents volatile compounds from breaking down. When bartenders want to highlight the fruit’s aroma, they can use a lower temperature (typically around 45-50°C/113-122°F) to maximally extract these compounds.

On the other hand, the flavor compounds in some spices and herbs need higher temperatures to be released. Infusing spices and herbs at a higher temperature range (typically around 60-65°C/ 140-149°F) can better extract these flavor compounds, resulting in a more intense flavor.

Moreover, temperature control can also affect the rate and direction of chemical reactions. Chemical reactions proceed at different rates at different temperatures, thereby affecting flavor formation.

Cooking time is also a key factor in the flavor of sous vide cocktails. The duration of cooking directly impacts the concentration of flavor compounds extracted. Too short a cooking time might lead to insufficient flavor, while too long could result in an overly intense flavor from certain ingredients, losing the balance of the infusion.

Consistency and Replicability

Another advantage of sous vide cocktails is consistency and replicability. By setting precise temperatures and times, bartenders can ensure that every drink is made with the same accuracy, regardless of who is making it. This consistency is particularly important because whether it’s for yourself, family, or friends, you can expect a flawlessly enjoyable experience every time.

typhur sous vide station

Sous vide cocktails can create unique flavor combinations that remain consistent. By experimenting with different ingredients and temperatures, bartenders can develop distinctive and memorable cocktail flavors.

Sous vide has revolutionized the art of cocktail making, bringing higher precision and consistency to the craft. By mastering the power of temperature and time, bartenders can unlock the full potential of ingredients, creating rich and unforgettable cocktails. Whether it’s infusing fruits, herbs, spices, or experimenting with non-traditional ingredients, sous vide cocktails offer limitless possibilities.

Experience the delight of this Maple and Bacon Sous Vide infusion! Give it a try now and savor the unique flavors. Cheers!

Maple and Bacon Infused Old Fashioned

Whether you are enjoying this delicious infusion over the rocks or served in an old-fashioned way, this tasty spirit is guaranteed to impress.
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Servings 8 people



  • 1 each Bourbon 750 ml bottle
  • 8 oz Smoky Bacon cooked until crispy
  • 6 tbsp Maple Syrup


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