Typhur Sync, a wireless meat thermometer with six scientifically positioned sensors, is the most reliable wireless thermometer on the market.

Get to know about Typhur Sync

Probe Placement

When cooking with Typhur Sync, probe placement is essential to achieving a successful cook.


We understand that achieving a perfect probe placement every time can be challenging due to variations in the structure and composition of meat. So, how do we get the precision internal temperature of the meat when the probe isn’t inserted perfectly?

That’s where Typhur’s innovative solution, the Syncore model, comes into play.

Syncore incorporates two components: Multiple-point temperature measurement and a data algorithm from multiple sensors. Syncore ensures that even when probe placement isn’t ideal, you can still achieve your preferred level of doneness.

Multiple-Point Temperature Measurement

Multiple-Point Spatial Temperature Measurement

The Sync uses six points of temperature measurement. Each sensor is strategically placed to measure the temperature at a specific location. This innovative approach delivers a precision of +/-0.01℉.

Data Algorithm from Multiple Sensors

Our model utilizes data from multiple temperature sensors, enabling Syncore technology to accurately compute the real-time core temperature of the meat. This smart algorithm assures precise internal temperature readings, essential for achieving perfect results.


Undeniably, correct probe placement plays a crucial role in perfect cooking. However, even with this well-understood fact, perfect placement can sometimes be a tricky task. This is where the Typhur Sync comes to the rescue, addressing these real-life cooking challenges by ensuring precision even when the probe placement isn’t ideal. Syncore model guarantees unrivaled accuracy in temperature monitoring. Invest in Typhur Sync – experience consistency, precision, and taste like never before. Cook smarter, eat better, and impress always with Sync.